About the Journal

Indonesian Journal of Applied Research (IJAR), e-ISSN 2722-6395 is high quality open access peer reviewed research journal that is published by Universitas Djuanda (UNIDA), a peer-reviewed and open access journal dedicated to publish significant research findings in the field of life science research. The life sciences that IJAR specializes in consist of natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, statistics; technology, and engineering that related to life sciences. We welcome original empirical research articles with novel perspectives and/or methodological approaches that would appeal to an international readership. We do not accept unsolicited conceptual and theoretical papers. The journal is designed to serve researchers, developers, professionals, graduate students and others interested in state-of-the art research activities in life sciences areas.

The journal was first published in April 2020 and published every April, August and December.

IJAR has been accredited by Sinta 2 (SK: No 204/E/KPT/2022; October 03, 2022)