Post Conflict Bakassi and Role of Cameroonian and Nigerian Military

  • Stephen Achuo Kpwa Department of History, University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon
Keywords: bakassi peninsula, cameroon, military, nigeria, resolution


No one would have thought that the military clashes between Cameroon and Nigeria over the Bakassi Peninsula would one day end.  For close to 50 years, Cameroon and Nigeria had been fighting over the resource-rich area of Bakassi to take control of it.  The mechanisms that resolved these military upheavals were the World Court's Judgment (WCJ) of 2006 and the Green Tree Agreement (GTA) of 2006.  The end of the five-year special regime program, as stipulated by the GTA, finally laid to rest the Bakassi conflict.  Hitherto, following the end of hostilities between the Cameroonian and Nigerian military in the Bakassi Peninsula, the region was/is being marred by militant activities.  The main thrust of this paper is to examine the role played by the Cameroonian and Nigerian military in maintaining peace in the Bakassi peninsula even after the conflict has been resolved.  This research used the qualitative method with content and thematic analysis on some military activities in the Bakassi peninsula.  Data was collected from secondary sources and observations from two field undertakings in Bamusso, Isangele, and Idabato subdivisions in the Bakassi region.  After resolving the conflict, this paper cautions that Cameroonians and the Nigerian military have not only been engaged in security activities but have taken up new humanitarian and developmental activities.  This research recommends for Cameroon and Nigerian governments divert heavy projects from the military to civilians, deploying more civilian personnel in the medical, judicial, and administrative fields in the Bakassi Peninsula.  They should only limit the use of their military personnel in fighting piracy and militancy in the area.  If such policies are implemented, both countries will be assured peace and tranquillity in the Bakassi Peninsula.


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